My experience was great here, the doctors were very friendly and made me feel at ease.


I have been visiting Al Majid Clinic for a few years now. The doctors and staff are professional and very supportive. I learned about Al Majid Clinic from a colleague when I was looking for a new doctor. After having a bad experience with my previous doctor, I really feared visiting doctors. However, once I was at the clinic I was at ease. The doctors spends some time thoroughly explaining the procedure before performing it and provides useful tips. I feel like my health has improved since I started visiting the clinic.


Very happy with my first experience at the clinic. The doctors and staff are very friendly and comforting, a big advantage since I've hated hospitals since I was a child. Going to be going here on a regular basis now since the atmosphere is very nice and the doctors very well qualified and caring for your problems.


The kind hospitality I got from the clinic made feel at home, like i was being cared for from a family member and not a strange doctor, they made feel comfortable and safe and that everything is gonna be alright and that im not alone.